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  • What is a Holistic Nutritionist?
    A Holistic Nutritionist is someone who is educated in alternative wellness practices to help others achieve nutritional goals and optimal WHOLE-BODY health. While working with you, they address several aspects of your life such as dietary nourishment, sleep, movement, environment, perspective, and more to provide 100% personalized wellness suggestions tailored specifically to you and your body. By taking a root-caused-based approach, they help both provide natural symptom relief as well as work to discover the underlying factors of your main health concerns. When working with a Holistic Nutritionist, you can expect them to utilize the use of whole-food nourishment, sustainable lifestyle habits, appropriate supplementation (if necessary), and other alternative tools to help you feel your best!
  • What did you go to school for?
    In 2015, I graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration & Management. Since then, I've become a Certified Holistic Nutritionist (CHN) through Nutraphoria's School of Holistic Nutrition, as well as become a Registered Holistic Nutrition Practitioner (RHNP™) through the Integrative Nutrition Association.
  • Do you offer 1:1 client services?
    Yes! Jill Halliday Wellness LLC is officially taking 1:1 clients! Check out my current Nutrition & Health services HERE for details!
  • Do you work with remote clients?
    Yes! All client sessions will take place remotely via phone calls, Zoom meetings, and email correspondence.
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