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HTMA + Results Review

  • 199 US dollars

Service Details

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) is a safe, non-invasive, functional lab that measures minerals in the body to provide comprehensive insights into your overall health. Acting as crucial cofactors for hundreds of metabolic reactions in the body, MINERALS are required for crucial processes such as: • Producing + Using Hormones • Turning Food into Energy • Digesting Food Properly • Hydrating Cells • Supporting Detoxification • Balancing the Nervous System • Maintaining a Strong Immune System • Building Strong Bones & Teeth • Promoting Skin, Hair & Nail Health + Several other essential functions By evaluating key mineral markers, HTMA offers impressive insights on MINERAL STATUS (i.e., deficiencies, toxicities, etc.), STRESS RESPONSE, NERVOUS SYSTEM & IMMUNE HEALTH, ENDOCRINE HEALTH, HEAVY METAL ACCUMULATION, DIGESTION, and more! SERVICE INCLUDES: • HTMA test kit mailed to your home • Personalized Results Review PDF • Personalized Protocol Based on Results • Follow-up Email Inquiry as Necessary OPTIONAL ADD-ON: • 30-minute Results Review Call for additional $25 FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: Q: Where are the hair tests performed? A: Test kits are mailed to you and completed in the comfort of your home. Q: How much hair do I have to cut for the sample? A: Approximately one tablespoon of scalp hair (1-1.5" long from the root) is required for the sample. A hair scale is included in each kit for assistance with measuring accuracy. Q: What if my hair is colored, can I do the test? A: The hair used for HTMA testing SHOULD NOT be dyed, bleached, or permed for a minimum of 6-8 weeks prior to sample collection. While hair growth rate varies per individual, in general, this is enough time for most to provide the 1" of untreated scalp hair required for testing. Q: How does hair compare to blood for testing? A: In comparison to blood tests which show mineral levels at the point in time the test was administered, HTMA shows overall mineral levels from a 3-month period of time. In addition, because certain minerals are INTRACELLULAR, testing the tissue provides a more accurate measurement of some minerals (e.g. 99% of magnesium is found in the tissues with only 1% found in the blood).

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