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5 Health & Wellness New Year’s Resolutions Worth Keeping in 2022

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

We all know 2020 was a bit of a gut punch, and, maybe not a whole lot better.

And if you have a goal of wanting to incorporate healthier habits this new year,

the last thing you want is to make difficult or stressful changes which are likely to start 2022 off on the wrong foot.

Instead, let's do healthy New Year's Resolutions — but let's make them painless.

1. Ditch Fad Diets and Instead Focus on YOUR Diet

Fad diets, whatever the title, method, or "science" behind them may be, typically share one commonality: focusing on a caloric deficit (consuming fewer calories than your body expends). But what if weight loss isn’t the goal? Oftentimes, many just desire a change to feel better.

Additionally, fad diets often have a tendency of taking measures to an extreme, such as cutting out entire food groups, encouraging calorie restriction, or overall just persuading you to eat in a way that's difficult or unenjoyable for you.

YOUR diet on the other hand, is bioindividual to you and your needs. It's eating in a way that comes naturally to you, appeals to your personal liking, and is easily maintained for the long haul. Following what feels best for you and your body is a huge accomplishment in itself, and welcoming gradual changes can help make YOUR diet one that serves you that much more.

These could include small improvements such as: adding a fruit or veggie to each meal, working on increasing your protein intake, or switching to a high-quality sea salt (such as Redmond Real Salt).

Improvements don’t have to be big to be effective, they only have to be realistic and sustainable for YOU.

2. Try the 80/10% Guideline

Consuming the majority of your calories from nourishing, high-quality foods can help you receive the most "bang for your buck" when getting in essential nutrients at meals.

However, depriving yourself of the foods you enjoy often leads to increased cravings, eating to the point of discomfort, or even unnecessary feelings of guilt when you do decide to indulge. To help prevent this vicious cycle from occurring, freely give yourself permission to include these foods in your regular diet! After all, you're more likely to adhere to a healthier lifestyle long-term when you include the things you love!

A simple approach which works well for many (me included) is:

Treat 80% of the food you eat an as opportunity to give your body the nourishment it needs. Treat the other 20% as an opportunity to give your soul the food it enjoys!

3. Add in “Dedicated Decompression” Time

“Dedicated Decompression” is a practice which involves specifically scheduling de-stress/decompression time into your day. It entails committing at least 10-30 minutes per day to total relaxation and realignment. This can be done first thing in the morning, right before bed, or any time which makes the most sense for you.

This can include things such as meditation, gratitude journaling, stretching, yin yoga, napping, breathing exercises, mental imagery, binaural beats, ASMR videos, or anything else which help you decompress!

4. Quit the “All-or-Nothing” Approach

Making lifestyle changes can seem scary, but what’s scarier than change itself is tricking your mind into thinking you have to do things perfectly in order to see results. With a goal of flawless execution often comes the “All or Nothing” mentality: the feeling that “you have to follow through perfectly in order to get results.”