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25 Benefits of Regular Exercise (+ 5 Tips for Beginners!)

So long and sayonara to the days when exercise was popularly praised for FAT LOSS...

(...which we now know is predominately determined by DIET.)

While physique goals are a common motivator for many, let's shed some light on some of the deeper, more VITAL benefits of exercise by diving into all that movement has to offer!

First, What's Considered "Regular Exercise"?

In general, regular exercise for adults is considered 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week, broken down into the workout quantities + lengths of your choice.

Examples of moderate-intensity exercise include activities like:

  • walking briskly

  • jogging/running

  • swimming

  • biking

  • lifting weights

  • body-weight training

  • playing sports

  • rowing

  • Pilates

  • dancing

  • jumping rope

  • stair-stepping

  • gymnastics/calisthenics

  • power yoga

...or ANY other movement which gets your heart rate up 50-60% higher than its resting rate.

(Think push mowing your lawn, deep cleaning your house, or playing tag with your tots!)

25 Important Benefits of Regular Exercise

It's no secret exercise is touted as one of the best practices we can incorporate for holistic, whole-body health. Let's get into the good & nitty-gritty by breaking down some of the muscular, cardiovascular, physical, and mental benefits regular exercise can provide!

Muscular Benefits

1. Increases Muscular Strength 2. Increases Flexibility & Range of Motion 3. Strengthens Bones, Ligaments & Tendons 4. Enhances Posture & Balance 5. Increase Blood Supply to Muscles 6. Improves Endurance

Cardiovascular Benefits

7. Lowers Resting Heart Rate 8. Strengthens Heart Function 9. Lowers Blood Pressure 10. Improves Oxygen Circulation 11. Enlarges Heart Arteries 12. Reduces Risk of Heart Disease

Physical Benefits

13. Improves Calcium Deposition into Bones 14. Prevents Osteoporosis 15. Improves Immune Function 16. Aids with Digestion & Elimination 17. Increases Endurance & Energy Levels 18. Improves Metabolic Health 19. Aids with Insulin Regulation